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6 Bean Espresso

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This premium blend combines six distinct beans sourced from the world's most renowned coffee-growing regions. Each bean contributes its unique notes, ranging from bold Sumatran earthiness to the bright acidity of Ethiopian heirloom varieties, with hints of Central American chocolate and subtle South American fruit undertones. Perfectly balanced, this blend is designed to enchant the palate with its multi-layered richness and smooth finish, making every moment of your coffee experience memorable. Ideal for both espresso and traditional brewing methods, our Six-Bean Blend is the perfect choice for coffee lovers seeking a sophisticated, globally-inspired brew.

Dark Roast



Straight to your doorstep. We don't roast our beans until we have your order. Every order is roasted and shipped the same day.
We ship freshly roasted coffee to customers around the world. Experience the goodness of freshly roasted coffee beans delivered to your doorstep.