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Bali Blue

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Discover the unique charm of our Bali Blue Single Origin Coffee, a luxurious selection that offers a serene coffee experience like no other. Grown in the lush landscapes of Bali, this full-bodied coffee boasts a smooth, low acidity that makes every sip exceptionally soothing.

Our Bali Blue coffee is expertly roasted to draw out deep, complex flavors. As you indulge in this coffee, you'll first notice rich undertones of dark chocolate and warm brown sugar that gracefully unfold. The profile then transitions to subtly nutty notes, providing a comforting, familiar warmth. To finish, a delicate hint of fruit emerges, adding a light, refreshing touch that elevates the overall flavor experience.

This coffee is perfect for those who appreciate a robust yet balanced brew. Whether you're starting your morning with a revitalizing cup or winding down your day, our Bali Blue Single Origin Coffee promises a moment of peaceful reflection and pleasure. Enjoy the taste of Bali with each brew, where tradition meets tranquility in your cup.

Medium-Dark Roast



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